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Boarding at Sandhills is like ‘coming home’.  Roger and Bonnie, along with their daughters Charlie and Tyrelle want to make sure that each person feels like this is their home away from home – where you can be yourself and enjoy your horse and the friendship of others together in our ‘Sandhills Family’.


Sandhills is located just 13 km south of Saskatoon and rests just a few rolling hills away from the South Saskatchewan River Valley.  The trails down along the river wind through the trees and beautiful meadows that are full of wildflowers and buffalo berry shrubs. 

In addition to riding through the beautiful terrain that surrounds the area, our horse lovers enjoy access to a 70′ x 200′ heated Indoor Arena. 


The horses are our number one priority at Sandhills.  Horses are fed via large bales with nets if they are in the pasture or hand fed in the pens.  (Feed test results are available).   Clients must observe herd deworming schedules and vaccination times. Scheduled farrier times are set up for clients to sign up for every 6-8 weeks. 

Pasture Board

If your horse is the type who needs a lot of space, pature board is right for them! Our horses enjoy acres of land to explore and graze on, and are fed additional round bales to keep their caloric intake the appropriate amount.


All horses have access to an automatic water dispensary 24 hours a day. 

1. Group Pasture Board
Horses are fed with round bales that are covered by nets.They have lots of room to roam  and nibble on some short grass. 
There are usually between 8 and 10 horses in a pasture.  Horses are put into pastures according to their gender (no mares and geldings together) and acording to their daily feed needs.
Total Monthly Price: $425.00

Paddock Board

When your horse has special needs or you are showing or doing rodeo during the summer, he or she has different requirements. 


Pens have a windbreak fence to shelter from the wind on all directions and access to automatic water dispensaries. They are fed ay twice daily according to their weight requirements.


We are happy to meet your horse's individual needs; we offer three options below. 

1. Group Paddock Board
Two or three horses per pen are put together. They have the same dietary needs and personalities. Hay is fed as needed or may be fed by a round bale with a net. No pellets are given.
Total Monthly Price: $470.00
2. Large Personal Performance Pen 
Horse has the pen to itself. Hay is fed three times a day according to their caloric needs. Additional feed is supplied by owner (pellets and supplements)
Total Monthly Price: $525.00
3. Small Pen for Convalescent  Horse 
These horses are to have limited movement as they may be recovering from an injury and need a small place to be turned out. Hay is fed three times daily according to their caloric needs. Additional feed will be fed, but is supplied by the owner. Pens are cleaned daily. 
Total Monthly Price: $600.00
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