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Boots and Saddle Club 2021-2022

  • All Levels of Riders

  • Classes are 1.5 hours once a week

  • All riders receive 45 minutes of instruction in the saddle.

  • Tack up time is 30 minutes and untacking and cooling our horses out and cleaning the barn will take 15 minutes after our ride is completed.

  • Focus is on safety and proper horsemanship techniques

  • Indoor and outdoor arenas to ride in to work on the details

  • Loads of fun as we explore beautiful trails and open spaces when the weather allows!

  • Enthusiastic coaches that inspire confidence and help make your time at the barn the BEST part of your week!

  • This Club is for you if you love horses and want to spend time with them!

    Level One    Ages 7-11

The only requirement for being a part of this class is that you love horses and want to learn more about them ! You may have never ridden a horse before, only taken a few lessons or attended a Ranch Camp and know that horses and riding are your passion! Besides learning how to safely work around horses and how to ride with balance, these classes will include games on horseback and loads of fun!

Mondays  6:15 - 7:45 pm

Jan. 31 - March 21

7 classes


Payable in three installments of $196.00 (Jan. Feb & Mar)





 Level One - Ages 10-15

You may have done a few lessons or a Ranch Camp - or maybe you are just horse crazy and you are ready to learn what horses and riding are all about.  This is the PERFECT  class for YOU!   Communicating with our horse will be our main goal - so he understands what we are asking him to do - BUT we will have a blast in working together! 

Wednesdays  6:15-7:45 pm

Feb. 2 - March 23

7 classes


Payable in three installments of $196 (Feb. Mar & Apr)


Junior Level Two/Three

We know you are ready to move on to some bigger challenges!  And that's what this class is all about!  Will be weaving in the fun with the serious work of becoming the best team with our horse!

Tuesdays   6:30-8:00 pm    Ages 8-10  FULL  

Thursdays  7:00-8:30 pm   Ages 9-14  FULL

Saturdays  11:00-12:30 pm  Ages 13-18  FULL



There are TWO options for length of involvement! 

12 weeks - Sept - Dec. 2021  

$1128 or $282.00/month Sept-Dec. ($94/class)


17 weeks - Sept 2021 to March 2022 

No classes Dec 13 - Jan. 24

$1365.00 or $195/month Sept.-March ($80.30/class)


Please email Bonnie at to save your cowpoke a space in the class of your choice or to discuss what class might be the best fit for your cowpoke!

 If your child is new to our programs we will have you fill out a Registration Form and Agreement Form. We can also establish payment options to pay fees by Autodebit or Postdated Cheques.  Fees paid in full can be etransferred or paid by cheque.  We will also have an Information Booklet to pass on to you and give you a tour of our facility if you've never been here before! We can't wait to meet the newest members of our Sandhills Family and welcome back our alumni!

Guidelines to insure a safe environment will be strictly adhered to.  All classes are subject to what the Sask. Health Authority and Small Business Covid Response Team mandate. 

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