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Cross It Off of YOUR Bucket List & JOIN US!


These programs are designed for older teens and adults who are either looking to fulfill a lifelong dream of horseback riding, or looking to improve on their existing skills. Our horses are patient and forgiving teachers, and you will be sure to have an experience of a lifetime!

Horsemanship 101 
Developing a Partnership

Riding a horse requires passion and a willingness to 'think like a horse'.  It doesn't matter how old you are or if you're a little nervous about getting out of your comfort zone.  Horses are incredibly forgiving and understanding animals who truly want to follow a leader and please them.  We would like to pass on to you our love for horses and you will have confidence as you build your skills each week using proper techniques!  We will also take advantage of the beautiful Fall foliage and enjoy some rides to the river !

We will learn:

  • Language and psychology of the horse

  • learning how to gain trust and respect through ground work

  • using your legs and body to communicate with your horse

  • How to figure out what your horse is thinking

  • Learning to sit a trot and post to a trot

Saturdays          12:30 - 2 pm    Feb.  4, 11 & 25        3 classes  $283.50    FULL

Wednesdays      7:15-8:45 pm   Feb.  1, 8, 15 & 22   4 classes  $378.00    FULL 

January Mini-Clinics

The best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse  ~Will Rogers~

How true this little sentence is. . . if you need a little time to breathe and get a little clarity in your crazy world, head on out and leave the pressure behind for just a couple of hours.  Our goal in this class is to focus on our horse, ourselves and our partnership.  We will work on improving our skills of communication with our four-legged partner but we will do it in a relaxed and encouraging environment.  Working in the arena and improving our horsemanship as well as just being with our horse and opening our heart up to what they are teaching us will be some of our goals in each mini clinic session.  

Mini Clinic 1      Saturday, January 7      1-4 pm 

Mini Clinic 2    Saturday, January 21     1-4 pm

Fees per clinic:  $189.00




To Register

Please email Bonnie at to register in the class of your choice or discuss which class is the best fit for you!  

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