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Cross It Off of YOUR Bucket List & JOIN US!


These programs are designed for ages 10 year old through to adults who are either looking to fulfill a lifelong dream of horseback riding, or looking to improve on their existing skills. Our horses are patient and forgiving teachers, and you will be sure to have an experience of a lifetime!

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Thinking Like A Horse. . .  & More!
Developing a Partnership

Riding a horse requires passion and a willingness to 'think like a horse'.  It doesn't matter how old you are or if you're a little nervous about getting out of your comfort zone.  Horses are incredibly forgiving and understanding animals who truly want to follow a leader and please them.  We would like to pass on to you our love for horses and  watch your journey as you build your skills and gain a new confidence in working with and around these amazing animals!   

We will learn:

  • language and psychology of the horse

  • learning how to gain trust and respect through ground work

  • using your legs, rein cues and body to communicate with your horse

  • using slow hands and riding with timing.

  • confidence in the saddle riding with balanced posture


9 am - Noon 


Offering four Saturdays in July & August as a bucket - list adventure!  You may want to grab your girlfriends, spouse, family, co-workers. . .  you'll have memories for months! 

July 22     July 29     August 12     August 26


Pick a session that works for you or your group!  


Fees:  $299.25 / person / session



Equine Encounter - What can a Horse Teach You? 

Join us for the most enlightening hour of your week! If you need to get away from the crazy for a bit and get some clarity, this is the place for you!  Horses are the BEST teachers and because they are so relational, we can learn how to think like a horse and learn more about ourselves as we learn how to work with a very trusting and forgiving four legged friend.  

If you would like to:

- learn how to work confidently around a horse

- work through some obstacles with your horse to form trust and respect

- fill your soul with seeing how your horse understands his world and YOU!

- Catching, Haltering and Grooming a horse 

July 10, 17, 31    Mondays     8-9 pm    $189.00

August 14, 21     Mondays     8-9 pm    $126.00

Ages 10 - 90

To Register

Please email Bonnie at to register in the class of your choice or discuss which class is the best fit for you!  

Once your spot has been saved you can send in your deposit of $75 via etransfer with the balance payable on the first day of class.  

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