Pee Wee Horsemanship     

This time at the barn will be the highlight of your cowpoke's week!!

It is designed for our passionate horse lovers between the ages of 4-7 who have never ridden a horse before or have had a few rides and are begging to ride a horse and learn more! 

Our emphasis is learning how to work safely around their horse and having fun in the saddle in a protected and secure area.  Each cowpoke is teamed up with their 'own' horse and a personal coach!  We want to provide these energetic youngsters with a great start in respecting and trusting their four legged friends!  We also want to help them feel empowered as they learn how to handle such a strong and noble animal with encouragement and praise as they learn to focus on their actions and their effect on the animal under the saddle!

        Ages 4-7                  

Saturday    11 - Noon    

Session 1 - Sept. 14, 21, 28     $282.00

Session 2 - Oct. 5, 19, 26         $282.00



Hooked On Horses!


This class is designed for our cowpokes between the ages of 6-8 whom are riding independently and feel confident turning, stopping, walking and jogging on their horse with their coach watching a little ways away.  We want to encourage their independence but at the same time work safely to promote their confidence and independence!

Ages 6-8

Saturdays  Noon - 1:30 pm 

Sept. 14-Oct. 26 (No riding Oct. 12) 

Fees - $564.00

Payable in three installments of $188 (Sept. Oct. Nov)

Boots 'n Saddle Club 


 Level 1

The only requirement for being a part of this class is that you love horses and want to learn more about them ! You may have never ridden a horse before, only taken a few lessons or attended a Ranch Camp and know that horses and riding are your passion! Besides learning how to safely work around horses and how to ride and communicate with them, these classes will include games on horseback and lots of outdoor riding on the trail in the Fall.

               Ages   7-10      Tuesdays       5-6:30 pm


              Ages   8-12       Wednesdays  7:15 pm - 8:45 pm  

Please see Boots 'n Saddle Club page for details on fees and registration. 



To Register

Please email Bonnie at  We can discuss which class is the best fit for your cowpoke and register them for the class of your choice! 


Certified Riding Helmets are provided.

Sturdy footwear to keep your cowpoke's feet safe is a must.  This doesn't have to be a cowboy boot but must be sturdier than a designer runner.  

Long pants must be worn to protect legs in the saddle.