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Saturday Horse Course

Horses are the perfect teachers for children!  Once a child is taught the basics of working safely with a horse, they can become the leader the horse seeks.  When the horse feels safe, cooperation follows, and the child can effectively get the horse to do what is being asked of it.  

Horsemanship 101

Learning to communicate with your horse - either on the ground or in the saddle - is one of most rewarding and empowering feelings that a child can experience!  Our horses are relaxed even when their riders are excited and nervous while our environment is encouraging, upbeat and uplifting! 

We LOVE kids AND Horses! 

  In this introductory class, we will

- learn to think like a horse and see how a horse sees us and the world around them

- work with our horse safely on the ground and in the saddle

- develop a balance of trust and respect so that our horse understands and listens to what we are asking him to do

- learn how to groom and saddle our horse to ride

- mounting and dismounting our horse safely

- riding with confidence and a centered seat

- turning and stopping our horse

Open to Horse Lovers Ages 8-11

Session 1 - March  4, 11 & 18  12:30 - 2 pm      3 classes   $252.00 

Session 2 - April 15, 22 & 29   11:15-12:45 pm  3 classes   $252.00

 Session 3 -  May 6, 13 & 27    9:15 - 10:45 am    3 classes   $252.00


Hooked on Horses


If your cowpoke can’t get enough of horses and is ready for more after attending a Ranch Camp or a previous Hooked on Horses session THIS is the class you’re looking for!                                                                                                                      

We have designed this 6 week session to be jam packed with horse crazy ideas that will let your cowpoke get their horse ‘fix’ for the week.

 We’ll also have the chance to head out on trail and ride through the prairies as we head to the banks of the South Sask. River all the while we are learning to confidently communicate with our four legged friends.  


April 15 - May 27    6 classes  Saturdays       $504.00

No class on Sat. May 20

(Payable in two installments of $252.00 April & May)

Ages 10-15      FULL!

10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Ages 8-10    3 spots left

   12:100 - 1:30 pm

To Register

To register or inquire which class is the best fit for your cowpoke, please email Bonnie at  Space will be saved for your gal or guy and will be confirmed with a $50 deposit which can be etransferred to the same email.  

If your family is new to our programs - WELCOME!!  A registration and release form will be sent to you to fill out as well as an info package with ALL the details of what to expect, what to bring and payment details. 

We are EXCITED to say HOWDY to new cowpokes that have never ridden . . .  and a special WELCOME BACK to our beloved families that keep our dream alive as we share what western tradition and horses can bring to our lives! 

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