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Soul Equine

Horses have the amazing ability to reach deep inside a human and touch on parts of our lives that need attention.

  Just connecting with a horse can help us realize where changes need to be made, where healing needs to take place, and where life changes need to happen.  Soul Equine is an Equine Assisted Learning program that helps aid these discoveries and set us on a new path! 

Horses are the BEST teachers! WHY?

- they don't judge but they constantly assess

- their feedback is honest and instant

- horses consistently react to the stimulus we provide for them - and that's when  learning about ourselves BEGINS!

 "Horses don't over think a participant's motive but they do challenge their behaviour and leadership!"


These unique programs are designed to use the amazing energy and power of horses to help individuals. . . 

- develop communication skills

- gain self esteem and self confidence

- improve focus and concentration

- build leadership skills

- improve relationships

- develop negotiation skills

- learn to problem solve


As horses respond from the stimulus of the people they are working with - and address the problem immediately with the help of a skilled and certified facilitator.  This opens the door for them to step-in and help identify what needs to happen to move forward! 

Non-Riding Programs Offered This Fall!

In Front Of the Herd ©

It has been said that,

'If we teach our youth to be leaders, they learn to make wise decisions and not follow others making poor decisions'.  

In Front of the Herd develops skills needed by young people to become leaders that others will follow. 

Our seven week course will include:

- Effective Leadership

- Character

- Trust & Respect

- Relationships

- Influence and Change

7 Week Program specifically developed for ages 12+

Each class is 1.5 hours in length and includes weekly workbooks

Saturdays  Sept. 10 - Oct. 29  (no class Oct. 8)  2 spots open

Fees:  $495 + gst

Trail of the Heart ©

Life is a journey. How we travel through life, and the paths we take, are choices each of us must make for ourselves.  No one can force the choice upon us, no one can choose for us, and no one can relieve us of the responsibility of making that choice. 

Trail of the Heart is a program based on the certain knowledge that you have within you every skill, attitude, quality and characteristic needed to succeed in life and to create for yourself an incredible future! 

6 week program for adults who desire change in their lives

Each session is 1.5 - 2 hours in length and also includes homework that requires reflection.


Session 1 - Wednesdays   Sept. 14 - Oct. 19   3 spots open!

Session 2 -  Wednesdays Oct. 26 - Nov. 30

Fees: $495 + gst



Individual Sessions 

To Register

One on One time with an Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach for all ages. The role of the coach is to: 

- help develop & learn new skills 

- find personal success 

- help achieve goals 

- provide tools to manage life & personal challenges 

Each session will include some discussion time, horse/human interaction and debriefing. With the horses help, new discoveries will be made, exciting opportunities realizes and steps taken toward a goal! 

Available at various weekly times by appointment

Each session will be 1hour -1hour 15 minutes in length

Fees: $99 + gst

Please email to save a space in the session of your choice or if you have any questions!  A $50 deposit will confirm registration and can be emailed to the above email.  

We are SO excited to add these new sessions to round out our programs here at Sandhills!

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